Merry Christmas!

This year EP celebrated Christmas in July for the first time and our front reception room was transformed into a winter wonderland! We had a lovely three course meal with each team member bringing in their own favourite Christmas recipe, a game of Kris Kringle, presents for the kids (actual kids), delicious homemade (or should we say office-made) mulled wine, Christmas music and everyone wearing the most ugly Christmas sweater they could find. 

The office was buzzing with activity long into the night from people rushing around trying to find a spare microwave to heat up their roast, distraught cries and laughter when someone had their Kris Kringle present stolen from them in the game, cooing at how big our newest addition to the EP baby family had grown, to reading out the very bad jokes from the Christmas crackers.

Everyone had a ball and agreed that this should definitely become an annual event. Merry Christmas in July everyone!