Environmental Projects recently had the privilege of being featured by Femeconomy, an organisation that promotes companies that have at least 30% female board directors or 50% female ownership. We continue to be a proud member of this organisation and think it’s a great initiative. Here’s a little excerpt from their website:

“Women make 85% of purchase decisions. In Australia it is estimated that women spent $818 billion in the 2016-17 financial year. Femeconomy uses consumer and procurement activism to progress gender equality by unlocking the power of the purse. If women buy from B2C and B2B brands that have women in leadership, women will impact bottom lines. This leads to more women in leadership to advance gender equality. It’s The Femeconomy Effect.

Companies with female leaders are not only more profitable, which means more opportunity for everyone. But they are less likely to have a gender pay gap, which means more money for the whole family and more workplace flexibility, which helps women and men.”

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