International GIS day!

Today is International GIS Day! GIS (Geographic Information System) is a scientific framework for gathering, analysing, and visualising geographic data to help us make better decisions. Today is a day to celebrate the science of GIS and a chance to show what we can do. We gained our first in-house GIS Officer is 2018 and since then our spatial capability, database and skillset has grown larger every year.

How do we use GIS?
We use GIS in approvals work to make project specific maps and plans for reports such as Environmental Impact Statements, Mining Proposals, Programs for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation, Development Applications and much more. Using existing government data, we can help our clients make better decisions on spatial placement and the surrounding environment.

We also use GIS in our site contamination work to draw up and build evolving project-specific datasets for sample location plans, groundwater contour/flow diagrams, contaminant data and contours and groundwater analysis results. We also use GIS out in the field using the Collector app, which helps us collect sampling data in real time. Our GIS capabilities can also help you with community or stakeholder engagement, to create simple but appealing maps for the public about your project. We work closely with our clients so we can create high quality, detailed and accurate plans, maps and communication tools.

Get in contact today to see how we can help your business using GIS.

Image of GIS Officer Amelia Noel