Biodiversity – A complex, but important, issue for our projects

Australia has been a Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity since 1993 and our government is a signatory to International Conventions, Agreements, and MoUs for biodiversity and implement a national framework that includes a strategies, legislation, science and research programs, and initiatives for the conservation of biodiversity.

State governments further develop the implementation of the national framework through state-specific legislation, programs, and initiatives.

In South Australia, our government has most recently released, Nature Conservation Directions Statement 2020, A new relationship with nature, as part of their global commitment to nature conservation, which includes biological diversity.

Our project teams work tirelessly with specialist ecologists, government agencies (State and Federal levels), and clients to play an important part in advising on legislation and regulations, understanding strategies, as well as adopting relevant plans and programs implemented for conserving biological diversity.