We understand the potential complexities around environmental issues and we have the expertise and experience to bring an in-depth understanding to your desired outcomes. We work collaboratively to meet your needs.

Our team includes experienced professionals: scientists; engineers; and environmental managers with legal and economic backgrounds.

We have operated for over 12 years and have built a large and reliable network of sub-consultants, service providers, contractors and contacts within the resource sector, commercial sector and government.

Your project will have specific requirements, just like your business, and we make sure we tailor our team to ensure the right people work with you and deliver high-quality work, within agreed timeframes and budgets.

Approvals and compliance

We can work with you to obtain environmental approvals and permits for a variety of projects.

We have extensive experience in undertaking compliance and conformance reviews against licence, tenement, lease or development approval conditions, legislation and regulations, ISO AS/NZS 14001 requirements and contractual obligations.

We are highly experienced in environmental impact assessment and management, and have an intricate understanding of regulatory requirements and government expectations across local, state and federal jurisdictions. Among other documents required for approvals, we manage and compile environmental impact statements (EIS), programs for environment protection and rehabilitation (PEPR), mining proposals (MP), and environmental management plans (EMP).

Impact and risk

Assessing impact and risk is an important part of business.

Environmental Projects has the capability to develop site-specific risk assessment tools at an operational level for a single operation, or across several similar operations at either planning and feasibility or when divesting or vacating a site. We understand current and past behaviour, hazardous materials, contaminated land, operational discharges, construction, building and mining activities, and can identify various aspects of the business and the associated impact of activities.

Planning and management

We have the expertise to play an advisory role when liaising with regulators and act as an intermediary between companies and regulators for resolution management as well as providing strategic advice on managing environmental risks and liabilities.

Site contamination

We provide professional advice, and adopt a risk-based approach, in contaminated site assessment, remediation and due diligence reviews. We undertake programs to complete investigations and site assessments incorporating soil, groundwater and vapour sampling programs. We are experienced in identifying potential liabilities in the context of current legislation to inform risk assessments and remediation action plans.

The team at Environmental Projects has extensive experience working with Environmental Auditors on contaminated land resolution and assists clients with whole-of-site management of contamination issues and facilitating EPA communications.

Systems and improvement

Environmental Projects undertake compliance reviews, surveillance reviews, and audits of environmental management systems (EMS). Our auditors have experience across a wide range of industries and work with our clients to achieve integration, certification and/or continuous improvements in EMS.

Verification and third-party review

Our team has the expertise to undertake third-party reviews of systems, management plans, assessments, investigations and other reports. This task is undertaken in a constructive manner to add value to existing documents or scopes of work and ensures applicability to the site or operation.

Stakeholder engagement

Environmental Projects has experience in facilitating stakeholder engagement and developing strategies to align with industry best practice. In conjunction with experienced and talented specialists, our team can develop a range of printed and visual tools which assist in delivering information to stakeholders as part of a coordinated engagement plan.