WPG Resources’ Challenger Gold Operation and Tarcoola Gold Operation

The Project

WPG Resources Ltd (WPG) is a mineral resources company with gold, iron ore, coal and other mineral exploration projects in South Australia.

To continue mining activities at Challenger Gold (CGO) and to commence mining at Tarcoola Gold (TGO) ep has provided advice and assistance to WPG, government assessment and compliance officers, and a range of specialist subconsultants and service providers to deliver documentation for development, operation, closure and completion of mining activities.

To achieve regulatory compliance, assess impacts, and monitor and manage environmental issues to the required approvals and permits documentation has included:

  • Programs for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPR)
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Management Plans and Monitoring Programs
  • Native Vegetation and Significant Environmental Benefits
  • compliance reports
  • notifications to government.

aerial photo of Challenger gold operation