Alana Stankovic
Graduate Consultant
Bachelor of Environmental Science
Alana is a recent graduate with experience involving field surveys, geology, animal handling and trapping, ecology concepts, plant ID and laboratory settings. She is reliable, motivated, enthusiastic, and always has a positive attitude. Alana has a passion for the Australian environment, in particular South Australia’s uniquely diverse biodiversity and earth systems.
Since early 2020 Alana has been involved in a range of tasks including report writing, field work, data logging and data tabulation. She has an in-depth knowledge on geological processes from consistent, hands-on field work experience in various locations around South Australia. Her studies at university give her a broad range of knowledge and understanding in different disciplines.
Alana has undertaken flora and fauna surveys across multiple environments in South Australia including locations such as Robe, Gawler, Adelaide Hills, and Lower Light. This included seed collection, animal trapping and handling and ecological surveying methods. Alana has also participated in a variety of geological surveys/sampling in remote locations such as the Flinders Ranges as well as in suburban areas such as the Adelaide Airport. Her geological experience includes soil sampling, geological mapping, and analysis.